Challenging the Chain now available in English

Following the success of the Dutch publication of “De Keten Uitgedaagd” in 2014, we have now launched a new and improved version in English: “Challenging the Chain -Governing the automated exchange and processing of business information”.

Challenging the Chain is an updated edition, incorporating all feedback and comments on the previous edition. This resulted in a better arrangement of the chapters and adjustments to the scope of some chapters to improve readability and relevance to the readers. We have found that both practitioners and scholars use the Dutch previous version of this book as a reference and we have put great effort into continuing this use for Challenging the Chain. In addition, the editorial team is committed to sharing the insights and best practices with the international community.

Challenging the Chain describes the journey of SBR from challenge to solution. Specialists in the field – flanked by academics – provide detailed insights on the challenges actors faced and the solutions they realised. In its versatility, this book exemplifies the necessary paradigm shifts when it comes to such large-scale public-private IT transformations. Policy makers, managers, IT specialist and architects looking to engage in such transformations will find guidance in this book.

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