Niels de Winne

Niels de Winne MSc has been involved in the SBR initiatives in various roles from 2004. The insiders consider Niels as the founding father of the overall SBR architecture. Niels was the programme manager for the Requirements Elicitation Programme for the generic infrastructure (GEIN). This programme yielded the (service-oriented) architecture for electronic communication between businesses and authorities. Niels was the project manager for the realisation and the initial use of the generic infrastructure, thereby providing a basis for the Digipoort, which is also used for SBR. Niels was responsible for the implementation impulse of SBR, in the role of operational programme manager on behalf of Logius from the end of 2009 to the beginning of 2013. Within the programme, he always championed a clear approach to the architecture.

Niels lent his extensive practical experience to ensure the quality of the content of this book. He was involved in producing all the chapters, focusing particularly on the (technical) correctness, structure (usefulness) and coherence.

Niels is currently a member of the Board at Thauris.

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